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Something is always told through the dish: the history, culture and tradition of a people, personal anecdotes are recalled, memories of recipes handed down for generations and the experience of new comparisons is shared.

Our cuisine intertwines the knowledge passed on by our family with the passion and ideas of our time, with the sole intention of making our guests feel at home, offering them a special experience, if possible … unforgettable.

From the welcome with the amuse-bouche to the tasting itineraries: everything tells of the deep love for the territory, of the great research and enhancement of the flavors of our land: the Godia potato, the wild herbs of Friuli and the white asparagus. To reach the colors and scents of traditional Italian dishes, studied and revisited to offer guests and friends our translation of history…”

re-discover / re-mind


nothing is to be taken for granted, go a step deeper into awareness, in the knowledge of ingredients, in the finesse of technique, in the complexity of taste,

the experience at the table – FALL 2023

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…with a new mind into the history of cuisine

Panade with brown butter, pickled scallops and smoked seaweed Fermented vegetables, razor clams, apple and ramsons buds

Lacquered with its ink, tamarind and cuttlefish eggs sauce “Lard” of cuttlefish and home made lard, cocoa grue and lemon

WOOD, SEAview (to go)
Risotto with anchovies, hazelnuts and black truffle Cod, hazelnut and anchovy cream

Raw Istrian langoustine, veal reduction and sweetbread Crispy claw

SCUS *cob leaves

Grilled breast with carob miso and Marsala wine Finanziera

SEA, WOODS (come back)
Seaweeds and lichens
Porcini mushrooms, chocolate cake and milk ice

For the tasting menu is required the participation of the entire table.

Menu € 160 p.p.

Wine/liquid pairing € 85 p.p.

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