…Every detail tells the story of our research and tradition: that’s why we decided to renovate it using materials, design, and objects that speak of us and express the best of Friuli. With the hope that guests and friends who stop in Godia can feel at home…
It’s a vibrant place where we feel good.


A location like Agli Amici, our home for over 130 years, naturally reflects the tradition of the place it is immersed in. But for us, tradition also means evolution.

We live in our time, and that means finding a balance between the past and the contemporary.
That’s why in 2022, we wanted to gift our restaurant with a new space that enhances the immersive experience of the “great day” at our table.

Alongside the already appreciated dining room, rich in design details, we have added the “Blue Lounge,” an entrance room that has already been described as a “futuristic blue capsule” (Elle Decor).
It is a truly contemporary concept, inspired by modern art, that serves as a connection between the square in front of the restaurant and the interior dining room. It allows guests to immediately immerse themselves in the world of Agli Amici, in this interplay between tradition and the contemporary, which is reflected in the architecture and, of course, in the dishes.

Relax with us in this enveloping environment, savoring exquisite cocktails and our amuse-bouche prepared in front of you on the iconic chef’s counter: it is the prologue to your experience, and we want it to always be an unforgettable moment.

Agli Amici 1887

via Liguria, 252
33100 Udine

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