…Every detail is about our research and our tradition: that’s why we decided to renew it using materials, design and objects that talk about us and express the best of Friuli. In the hope that guests and friends who stop in Godia can feel at home …
It is a lively place, where we feel cosy.

on the table, the menu

“Recepies always tell us something: history, culture and traditions of a people, you remember personal anecdotes, memories of flavors handed down from generations and you share the experience of new comparisons.
Our cooking weaves together the know how passed on by our family with the passion and the ideas of our time, with the sole intention of making our guests feel at home, offering them “a special experience, possibly… an unforgettable one “.

From a welcome with Prosciutto di San Daniele to the proposals of the tasting menus: everything describes the deep love for the land, the important research and appreciation of the flavours of our land: the potatoes from Godia, the wild herbs of Friuli and the white asparagus. To offer guests and friends our translation of the story … we need to reach the colours and scents of traditional Italian dishes, studied and reconsidered “

the experience at the table - Autumn 2021

land, season and the kitchen

The kitchen tells our history, values and passion, the bond with our territory. We like to respect and promote the work of the farmers, who breed and research the best for us.
Three tasting courses express these thoughts:

nuovaMente Agli Amici! energy, power of each ingredient, vibes of the season.

“nuovaMente Agli Amici!”



shells and ginger consommé

tail in corncrumbs and fermented vegetables*

head praline with onion and lemon sauce

claws seasoned with langoustine oil


tortelli with bread and whole cuttlefish and spices stock

Grey Mullet

durum wheat risoni with red mullet speck, scrambled eggs and potatoes*

fillet lacquered with chilli honey and celery mayonnaise


braised leg with oyster sauce

roast saddle and eel*

shoulder terrine with yuzu and glasswort

steamed bun and sautéed offal with onion

Natisone Valley Apple

frozen apple with almonds and kombucha

cjalson with hazelnuts and pine nuts

apple cake with ice cream*


For the tasting menu is required the participation of the entire table

the menu € 140 p.p.

We suggest the pairing with “rare wines and beyond” € 65 p.p.

get Green vegetables, edible landscapes... my veg world!

“get green”


Cavasso onion confit, hazelnut oil and tangerine*

daikon tortelli with barley miso and black truffle

king trumpet mushrooms in green sauce

casserole of apples, pears, chestnuts, turnips and potatoes with shallots and spices*

squash with pepper and cinnamon, dandelion flower molasses crispy seeds and cream of beans*


For the tasting menu is required the participation of the entire table

the menu € 100 p.p.

Wine, beer and tea pairing € 50 p.p.

Grand Tour postcards from Italy.

“Grand Tour”:
postcards from Italy


Friuli Venezia Giulia_ marans egg, tomato and parsley

Calabria_ sea bass from Valle Pantani with ‘nduja sauce citron and onion from Cavasso*

Emilia Romagna_ tortellini with cream and San Daniele ham*

Lazio_ “Saltimbocca” of veal, pork rind and sage*

Trentino Alto Adige_ biscuit with blueberry, white chocolate and ice cream*


For the tasting menu is required the participation of the entire table

the menu € 110 p.p.

Wine pairing € 60 p.p.

Agli Amici general information

COVID-19: Measures for your Health and Safety

We can only accept Guests in possession of the EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate or what is optionally required by the law.

We have adhered to the Italian Government’s instructions, trained our staff and improved our hygiene and sanitization procedures, so that Your stay in our property will be safe, as well as pleasant.

Here are the indications from the Italian Government, which we ask you to follow:

– do not go to the restaurant if you have flu symptoms or fever (temperature above 37.5 ° C);
– follow the directions for access and for movements within the room, limiting the latter as much as possible;
– always maintain the interpersonal distance of one meter;
– always wear the mask, even when contacting staff, the mask should only be removed when You are sitting to Your table;
– use the hand sanitizing sprays or gels made available;
– if possible, avoid using cash.

the wine list

“Wine is elegance, balance, expression”: these simple words explain how our selection was developed. These are the wines we love, the ones that are well suited to our cuisine. Nothing more.