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"An important anniversary, 135 years of uninterrupted activity, five generations, one place: our home."

– Scarello Family


Defining the set of values, the intertwining of emotions, the secrets, and the knowledge passed down to us by our grandparents may seem simple, but when you are part of a family that has become the very heart of the place where the doors have been open to guests for five generations, it becomes much more complex.

Emanuele and Michela, along with Tino and Ivonne, and also Ivia, Severina, Ferruccio. Then Emilia, and some time before Umberto: it is difficult to determine who gave life to the tradition of gnocchi, tagliatelle, scampi with the “aria di brovada”, or who understood how to immediately recognize the needs of guests and satisfy their curiosity.

An important anniversary, 130 years of uninterrupted activity (now 135…), five generations, a place – our home – that has transformed itself to always be current, fresh, and authentic. The logo acts as a vital thread that connects history, people, and stories.
In 1887, our great-grandfather Umberto, a royal guard, obtained a license to operate a business selling colonial goods and tobacco. Then came the advent of radio and television, where the entire village would gather to watch major sporting events. There was also the public telephone booth in the village. From there, a slow shift towards a more mindful, sensitive, and healthy cuisine took place, making us a culinary destination today.

These are the over one hundred and thirty years of Amici summarized in a few lines…

a cooking


Undoubtedly, the figure who has left a mark on the history of our restaurant is my mother,” Emanuele recounts.

Her cooking was the first that nurtured, intrigued, and passionately captivated me. For many years, she represented the heart and hands of the Amici kitchen. I have never found the same level of sensitivity in any other chef. The secrets, techniques, and processes she taught me are the result of her unique predisposition, combined with intuition and passion, which allowed her to reveal suggestions that no one else knew, like the preparation of gnocchi. It is the season in which they are cooked that determines the perfect amount of flour to use because the potato is a living ingredient, and the concentration of starch and water varies with temperature. I believe her professionalism and experience have contributed to the fame of the gnocchi from Godia.

It is always the details, the research, and the incredible care that make the difference.
In life, as in cooking…

the Scarellos, since 1887

the Chef



Born in 1970, a great enthusiast of football and the sea. However, his essence is expressed in the kitchen, where from a young age he has been influenced by Ivonne Bodigoi, a fantastic mother and skilled cook (Lenotre school), who continues to pass on her knowledge even today.

After attending Hotel School and completing internships in Italy and abroad, Emanuele has consistently fostered collaborative relationships with Italian and European chefs.

He served as the Italian President of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe from 2009 to 2012.

The pleasure of sharing knowledge has allowed him to imprint a unique and personal character on his cuisine, which is composed of local ingredients with a contemporary taste.

This quality has been recognized by the Michelin Guide, which awarded the first “star” in 2000, and by Veronelli, who illuminated the sign with his “Sun” in the same year. Agli Amici became the first restaurant in the region to be awarded two Michelin stars (since 2013) and three hats in the Guida de L’Espresso. In 2013, Emanuele was named the best chef in Italy by Corriere della Sera.

Agli Amici is the first Relais & Chateaux in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is also a member of the “le Soste” association. These achievements are the result of constant work, daily commitment, and immense love for their own history.

in dining room & cellar



Michela has been managing the hospitality, service and cellar of Agli Amici with dedication and passion for almost twenty years. She is an excellent sommelier, she takes care of rediscovering forgotten vines, enhancing even small producers without losing sight of the excellent labels.

She is constantly looking for the perfect balance in the relationship between kitchen, dining room and guest. She would like to be a customer always and everywhere, so she tries to give her guests the same attention that she loves to find herself traveling the world. For her cellar, she prefers to follow and transmit the evolution of small winemakers and the rediscovery of forgotten vines in the area, she loves wines – and foods – which represent a culture of making, as well as constituting a sensory pleasure.

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