Re-scripting Agli Amici

22 Sep, 2021 | Gourmet world, News

…seems all the same, yet over the past few months we’ve been subtly working to write those nine letters with more definition.

There were the walks (and endless ping pong games!) with our team in the spring, then a summer full of projects and hot with ideas, and the “return” to the amazing daily routine of meeting with our suppliers, thinking about and trying new dishes.

The sign is on and we can’t wait to meeting you at our table: as of October 1, 2021, the door is open again, finally!

Ivonne e Tino, Emanuele, Michela, Ilenia, Alessio, Alice, Amalia, Ana, Carolina, Elia, Iacopo, Ignazio, Kenta, Leoluca, Lorenzo, Riccardo, Valerio, Valerio.

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